Privacy Policy

1. Privacy Policy

Fras-le´s privacy policy is based on its commitment to transparency and respect towards its customers and visitors through the use of Fras-le´s apps, websites and hotsites.

Fras-le continually works to maintain the privacy of its information. We understand that the rapid growth of the Internet and online services raises questions concerning the nature and confidentiality of information collected on customers and visitors. Therefore, we hereby wish to clarify some points of interest, reaffirming our commitment to privacy.

2. Information Collection

You can visit us on the Internet without sending us any kind of data. However, Fras-le may occasionally collect information when, for example, you fill in a register, answer a survey or send us any data.

Fras-le may also use 'cookies' (data files from the user´s computer) or other similar technologies to obtain information about your visit to our website so we can get reports of tools that will show us which parts of our site has arisen your greatest interest or action. However, although 'cookies' help enhance the experience of your visit to our site, there is the option to block them in your browser´s configuration options.

3. Relationships with Others

The privacy policy adopted by Fras-le refers only to the website of Fras-le, apps and hotsites of the brand, not being applicable to any other 'site' with which is associated or that, in some way, is related to 'links' or other forms of dissemination and access.

When we hire other organizations for support services, we require from them the same guarantee of privacy, confidentiality and security as those provided in our own privacy policies. Fras-le will not sell or rent any of your personal information to any third party.

4. Rights

All texts, images, videos, sounds and / or applications displayed in the website of Fras-le, apps and hotsites of the brand are protected by copyright, and therefore, no modifications, reproductions, storage, transmission, copying, distribution or any other forms of use are allowed for commercial purposes without the prior and formal authorization of Fras-le.

Intrusion attempts to Fras-le or to the sites related to it will be handled according to legal rules, as in the case of damage, theft or other criminal classification corresponding to the consequences of such invasion provided in the Brazilian penal code.

5. Access Passwords

When the user receives a login or password to access any function of the site, he/she will be the only one to have access to his/her data. The security of the user's password is essential to protect your data.

It is therefore the responsibility of the user to protect the login and password so that access is not made by unauthorized persons.

6. Changes in Privacy Policy

Fras-le may change this Privacy Policy without previous notice. Therefore, we recommend that you check it periodically.

7. Contact

For questions regarding this Privacy Policy, we will be very pleased to respond to your comments. Please contact through link

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Fras-le's online privacy policy is based on the principles of its commitment to transparency and respect in relationships with its customers, suppliers, partners and visitors. Therefore, it undertakes not to disclose, free of charge or remunerated, any information of third parties