Randon Companies

The Randon Companies conglomerate began in 1949 and currently produces one of the largest product portfolios in the commercial vehicle segment, correlated to the transportation of cargo - highway, railway, or off-road, among similar companies in the world.

Today, Randon is a global benchmark brand with world class strategic partners. It is among the largest private companies in Brazil with a leading position is all of its market segments. It exports to every continent and is part of the Level 1 Corporate Governance of Bovespa.

Vehicles and Trailers/Semi-trailers

Randon Implementos Randon Veículos


Suspensys Fras-le
Master JOST


Randon Consórcios Banco Randon

The controlling interest of Randon S.A. Implementos e Participações is held by DRAMD Administração e Participações Ltda.

Randon S.A Implementos e Participações: produces trailers, semi-trailers, and railway cars.

Randon Implementos para Transporte (SP) e Randon Argentina: produce trailers and semi-trailers.

Randon Veículos: produces off road trucks, forestry equipment, and backhoe loaders.

Fras-le: produces brake pads and linings.

Master: manufactures air brake systems for trucks, buses, micro-buses and road equipment.

Suspensys: produces suspension systems and components.

JOST: produces the articulation and coupling set that links the truck tractor to the trailer/semi-trailer.

Castertech: produces components in nodular cast iron for Randon Companies.

Randon Consórcios: sells and manages "consorcio" groups (co-op payment plans) to provide customers with an affordable way to purchase Randon Companies' products.

Banco Randon: A financial institution that operates in the domestic market and in the development of financial products and services that are attuned to the business of Randon.

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