Fras-le makes its first sale of brake shoes for railways in Africa
Fras-le celebrates its first sale of brake shoes for railways in Africa due to its new commercial contract with the company Gear Rail. Fras-le will be also attending Africa Rail 2017 in Johannesburg, the main trade fair of the sector in the African continent, which will take place on June 13 and 14, at the Sandton Convention Centre, bringing together manufacturers, customers and governments.
“Exporting is part of the company's internationalization history, which has created a culture that is open to new markets and new business,”, says Paulo Gomes, commercial director, adding that Fras-le's strong presence in over 100 countries has ensured its solid growth in recent years, despite adversities.
In Africa, railway transport investments are the future market. The first railway was built a hundred years ago by the European colonial powers. China is currently a major investor in the expansion of African transnational routes and reconstruction of old lines.
In addition to friction materials for trains and subways, Fras-le features a portfolio with over 12,000 references in brake linings, pads and shoes for light and heavy vehicles, disc brakes and clutch facings, linings, pads and shoes for motorcycles, aircraft and special applications, serving domestic and international spare parts and automaker markets. The company also has components for automotive brakes, clutches and polymers and more recently has provided brake discs and drums for light and heavy vehicles. 


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