At Fras-le, there is a tireless effort to follow the basic principle that positive economic-financial performance must be accompanied by clear measures that favor the environment. Minimizing and preventing environmental impact from the use of natural resources and the creation of residue are some of the objectives and goals of the Environmental Management System (SGA) at Fras-le. These goals have been in place since 1998 and have been certified by ISO 14001:1996 Regulation in 1999.

Respecting this policy, Fras-le was the first manufacturer of friction materials in South America to achieve ISO 14001, known as the Environmental ISO.

A certified Environmental Management System represents reliability and shows that the company manages and controls the environmental aspects that create significant environmental impact, prioritizing the adoption of preventative measures. One of the most solid demonstrations of the seriousness toward environmental policy comes from the company’s pioneering of asbestos monitoring, which began in 1983 and which was fully eliminated from all of Fras-le’s production lines since 2006.

The Fras-le Waste Management Program monitors and controls the identification, separation, conditioning, storage, and transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. The management of solid waste is a fundamental part of ensuring the preservation of the environment, avoiding loss, and reducing costs.

Composting and Solid Industrial Waste

Composting is a controlled process of organic material decomposition in the solid and humid state which results in organic compost used as a soil fertilizer or conditioner. This treatment is done internally, using the sludge from the Effluent Treatment Center along with the trimmings from the garden. With an Operation License issued by FEPAM (State Environmental Protection Foundation) for the treatment, the compost is used in the internal areas of the company as fertilizer. The sludge from the effluent treatment center is a residue that, prior to the project, was sent to a landfill or co-processed, but is currently used as a raw material for the production of fertilizer. The use of composting contributes to environmental organization and management, as well as the improvement of the selective collection processes, due to the need to make the separation at the source, as well as acting as a educational and awareness tool for the company employees and their family members through the instructions given regarding selective waste collection and the information about the composting processes.

Composting at Fras-le

Liquid Effluent Treatment Station (ETE)

The Fras-le ETE receives all the industrial and domestic (from the restaurant, restrooms, and dressing room) liquid effluents and treats them using Physical-Chemical and Biological processes.

Reutilization of Treated Effluents

The treated effluent is reutilized and returns for industrial purposes such as: gas washer, restrooms, cleaning machines and flooring.

Fras-le Liquid Effluent Treatment Station

The treatment of gases from the Thermal Treatments is done using two types of Systems: the Gas Washing system, where the gases are chemically treated for the removal of existing contaminants and particles; and the Gas Burners that are installed in the Kilns for the combustion of the polluting gases. Both systems control the emission of gases and minimize air pollution.

- 1994 “Interação” Award – Automotive Ecological Projects – awarded by Mercedes-Benz for Fras-le’s development of a line of asbestos-free brake linings and pads.

- “Selo Verde” (Green Seal) Award, in 1998 – honorable mention for developing brake products without asbestos.

- 13th “Expressão de Ecologia” (Ecological Expression) Award, in 2005, with the case study “Composting Solid Industrial Waste” in the Pollution Control category – Metal-mechanical Category.

- “RS Sustentavel” (Rio Grande do Sul Sustainability) Award, in 2006.

- “Febramec” Environmental Award Finalist in 2007, for the company’s Environmental Preservation activities.

- “FIEMA” Award – Environmental Technology Award, with the title “Development of Friction Material Using Recyclable Materials.”.

- “Febramec” Environmental Award in 2008, for the company’s Environmental Preservation activities.

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