Social Responsibility

Valuing and respecting employees is a fundamental characteristic of Fras-le. Since its founding, the company guides its management practices and policies seeking the integral growth of its personnel, focusing on actions geared toward well-being, health, quality of life, training, and education of employees.

Currently, the activities geared toward human actions are planned and developed through the corporate programs of the Randon Companies.

The concept of social responsibility is based on the principle of Valued and Respected People"" and includes all of the company's relationships: employees, clients, suppliers, shareholders, environment, community, society, and non governmental organizations".

Learn about some of the social programs supported by Fras-le, along with the Randon Companies

Florescer (Bloom)

Planting Art, Science, and Education

In March 2002, the Programa Florescer (Bloom Program) activities began. The Program’s mission is to develop children and adolescents from 7 to 14 years of age that have reduced economic and social opportunities to exercise citizenship, seeking a better quality of life and a promising future. Florescer is a free education center, with pedagogical activities. It arose from a personal project Raul Anselmo Randon, the president of Randon Companies, who chose the sunflower as the symbol – a flower that is the result of the gathering of hundreds of other little flowers on a large disk, which then becomes seeds. The slogan “Awakening children to the future” indicated the investment in the programs positive results.

Viver de Bem Com A Vida (Enjoying your Life)

Program to encourage and promote quality of life

Viver de Bem com a Vida seeks to promote quality of life and is geared towards employees, their families, and the community. The program plans several actions that encourage people to seek their well being through leisure, sports, and culture. Also, prevention activities are developed and implemented in the areas of physical, mental, and financial health, and to encourage quality of life. The program also offers guidance, referrals, and professional accompaniment for chemical dependency issues.

New Paths

Expanding Experiences

The program seeks to expand the professional and personal experiences of the Randon Companies' Employees, in preparation for their retirement. It creates awareness to plan for their exit from Randon Companies by building new life projects and encouraging autonomy over personal and entrepreneurial decisions. The program is for employees who are 57 years old or older.

Programa Crescer (Grow program)

The Programa Crescer includes various educational activities and seeks to aid the continuous development of employees. The program activities help the Randon Companies to achieve their business goals by providing solutions that allow for the continual improvement of people. Crescer seeks to promote activities such as:
- New employee integration;
- Subsidies for undergraduate, graduate, and language courses;
- Management development.

Food Bank

In an effort to help employees that are undergoing financial distress, this program allows them access to quality, basic foods, for a healthy and well-balanced diet. Sharing food with solidarity, Sapore and Fras-le are partners in this program. Currently, the beneficiaries of the program are already registered and monitored by social services and Sapore nutritionists.

Institutional Visits

The visits program seeks to reinforce the company’s image before the community. The program creates opportunities to exchange experiences and/or programs and actions to improve internal process. The program also answers requests from companies, schools, universities, and other organizations.

Employee Benefits

Fras-le offers well being to employees and their family members through a generous benefit package.

• A heath plan, offered to family members as well, that covers medical care, laboratory work, and hospitalization. Fras-le also offers internal health care, with available doctors, nurses, and dentists that ensure the monitoring and prevention of disease;
• Meals prepared by a nutritionist with a balanced menu;
• Transportation – The Company offers about 80 daily bus lines, exclusively for employee transportation;
• Private pension and group life insurance;
• Leisure Club;
• Quality of Life – prevention programs;
• Education.

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