Fras-le will be present at one of the world's largest events of trends and new technologies for motion control

Innovation related executives from the Company will participate in EuroBrake 2019 in Dresden, Germany, from 21 to 23 May.


After the participation in the Brazilian edition of one of the main events of the braking industry in the world, the 14th SAE Brazil International Colloquium of Brakes & Engineering – Motion Control, Fras-le executives linked to research, development & innovation will be among the participants at the next event, the EuroBrake 2019. The event will take place from 21 to 23 May in Dresden, Germany. The international elite of the sector will be present at the event, aimed at identifying and creating trends in the brake and friction segment.

Recently, in Caxias do Sul (RS), Alexandre Casaril, Engineering and Innovation Manager at Fras-le was the Chairperson of the SAE Brazil International Colloquium. The director of Technology and Innovation of the Auto Parts Division at the Randon Companies, César Augusto Ferreira, was one of the panelists at the Brazilian meeting. Both will now be among the participants in the European stage of the select world circuit meetings of the sector, which consists of meetings in Asia (in February) and the United States (scheduled for September).

"In the coming years, the automotive industry will experience, even more intensely than before, very significant technological transformations, which will be driven by three major areas: safety, electrification and vehicular automation. These changes may be seen in the near future or are already part of our daily lives. Brazil is currently working on the regulation of new auxiliary braking devices, while electrification and regeneration of energy are already a reality, and autonomous driving will be consolidated as technology in about 10 to 20 years,” points out Casaril.

Fras-le will be among the participants at EuroBrake 2019 with the presentation of projects. On the 23rd, in Dresden Germany, engineer Carlos Selle will present the paper Analysis of the thermal effect on mechanical and chemical properties of friction material, by Diego Antunes, Juliana Favero, Natalia Lorandi and Ricardo Lamb - all members of the Engineering and Development team at Fras-le.

The work addresses an analysis of the thermal effects to which friction material is exposed in its chemical and mechanical properties, integrating experimental and simulation techniques to evaluate potential failures of commercial pads. The influence of the service life of the parts and its consequence in terms of mechanical properties is also evaluated through an analysis of pieces returned from field tests.

"EuroBrake is fundamental for staying in touch with the world and the suppliers of the motion control chain. The main technical debates in the area regarding trends, innovations and possible changes of legislation are often identified and proposed at these meetings, and traditionally for this reason Fras-le is present,” explains Casaril.


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