Randon Proving Ground now is Randon Technology Center

It is the first independent technology center for tests in South America.


Inaugurated in 2010 to serve the corporate needs of the Randon Companies, the Proving Ground, with 87 hectares, 15 kilometers and 20 types of tracks, has been transformed into the Randon Technology Center (CTR). It is managed by a qualified engineering team that collects, delivers and performs complete tests for automotive vehicles in 2,200 m2 of laboratories with advanced equipment and systems. The site, which ensures total privacy and confidentiality, has gained a new identity and logo as a complex for research, development, innovation and anticipation of cutting-edge trends in the automotive industry.
It is the first independent technology center for tests with trucks, buses, passenger vehicles, motorcycles, road equipment, off-road vehicles and auto parts, and it is the only one in South America designed to withstand 16 tons per axle on the track. High complexity improvement of the site is constantly demanded by automakers and integrated suppliers of national and foreign trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, automobiles and motorcycles.

“The CTR operates within a bold structure designed to establish it as a benchmark and to foster innovation in products from all off the companies in the group. The idea is to prepare the Randon Companies to absorb, assimilate and, above all, anticipate new trends in the automotive industry on a global scale,” says Cesar Augusto Ferreira, director of Technology and Innovation of the Auto Parts Division for the Randon Companies.
The CTR is licensed by the State Foundation for Environmental Protection (FEPAM), has various recognitions and is accredited to perform certification trials for vehicle braking systems, as per Resolution 519/15 of CONTRAN, with a Recognition Certificate in the standard NBR ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by the Metrological Network of Rio Grande do Sul. The Centro Tecnológico in Brazil earns certification for this type of activity, which enables it to produce highly safe and reliable results.

Dirt Road (1)
Slalom (1)
Circular (2)
High Speed (1)
Circular with speed bumps (1)
Pass-by noise (1)
Ramps - asphalt and dirt (8)
Special durability tracks (5)

Competitive Features
• Total confidentiality of information;
• Standardized tests;
• Tests that comply with Brazilian and international laws;
• Accelerated service life tests;
• Faster development and launch of products;
• Reliability of the tests;
• Tests with greater safety;
• Tests on special tracks that enable real assessments;
• Specialized engineering team;
• Experienced team of drivers and technicians.

More: http://www.ctrandon.com/en


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