Fras-le concludes acquisition of Nakata Automotive

With an investment of R$ 457 million, the union between the two companies represents an important movement for the aftermarket in Brazil


The acquisition closing of Nakata Automotive, on September 1st, is the largest M&A movement in Fras-le's history. This union combines the experience of the two companies in the aftermarket. It also expands the range of products offered with the combination of Nakata and Fras-le portfolios.


The synergy built between the companies goes from the production of many parts and components, to the service and commercialization of parts for light and heavy-duty vehicles and for motorcycles. The product ranges include parts for suspension, steering and transmission systems, besides complete brake solutions. Major items include shock absorbers, terminals and connecting and steering bars, pivot and suspension trays, homokinetic joints, cardan and differential shaft components.


According to Fras-le’s CEO, Sérgio L. Carvalho, the acquisition of Nakata consolidates the company's strategic growth plans, adding to a recent portfolio of acquisitions and businesses aimed at the Brazilian aftermarket and export markets. "This process is an important movement for the sector and reinforces the greatness of companies that, together, bring even greater competitive gain. In addition, it benefits the customer, who now has a greater diversity of products, since we add suspension, steering and powertrain items to the components for the braking system mix, significantly increasing support to the Brazilian aftermarket", Carvalho reinforces.


"For us at Nakata it is, at the same time, a reason for pride but also a lot of responsibility. The union of these companies results in one of the three largest suppliers for the auto parts aftermarket in Brazil. The combination of all this knowledge and skills in addition to a broad portfolio of products will result in a better and innovative solution for our customers and for a dynamic and constantly evolving market." says Jorge C. Schertel, President and CEO of Nakata.


Disclosed to the market on December 17, 2019, the acquisition was approved by the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) on July 3, 2020 and by Fras-le shareholders through an Extraordinary General Meeting held on July 23 of this year. The business involves all Nakata operations, both in São Paulo and Minas Gerais, which has more than 400 employees.


About Fras-le - A global leader in friction materials and components for brake systems, Fras-le markets its products to more than 120 countries in the lines of automobiles, motorcycles, commercial vehicles, aviation, railway and industrial. It has units in Brazil, the United States, China, Argentina, Uruguay and India and has strategic distribution centers worldwide. In Brazil, Fras-le supplies original friction materials to 95% of heavy and semi-heavy vehicle manufacturers. The company is also a leader in the aftermarket and offers products within the consumer's reach with the quality of the original part, through the brands Fras-le, Lonaflex, Fremax and Controil.


About Nakata Automotive - For more than 65 years, Nakata Automotiva, manufacturer of auto parts for the aftermarket for light and heavy-duty vehicles and motorcycles. The company built its success story in Brazil, with leadership in suspension components and a broad portfolio in steering, transmission, brakes and motorcycle parts. With pioneering, quality and commitment to the market, Nakata Automotive is recognized in the aftermarket for the high performance of its products and high standard of services. With factory in Diadema - SP, administrative headquarters and technology and development center in Osasco - SP, and distribution center in Extrema - MG, it serves the Brazilian domestic aftermarket and exports to more than 20 countries in the Americas, Europe, Asia and Oceania.


About Randon Companies - With more than 70 years of history, Randon Enterprises has achieved global presence and leadership in the sectors of trailers and semi-trailers, off-road vehicles, auto parts and services. The organization is based in the city of Caxias do Sul (RS) and is present in more than 100 countries, always prioritizing proximity and trust with its audiences, valuing people and profit with sustainability. The company aims to connect people and wealth to generate prosperity and does so through the companies Randon Implementos, Randon Veículos, Fras-le, Jost Brasil, Master, Suspensys, Castertech, Randon Ventures, Randon Consórcios, Banco Randon and its subsidiaries.


Randon Companies have the largest technological center in the automotive sector in Latin America, CTR, and operate in the innovation ecosystem with the Hercílio Randon Institute and Randon Ventures, in addition to working on social transformation with initiatives carried out by the Elisabetha Randon Institute. The company is part of B3's Corporate Governance Level 1, being among the largest Brazilian private companies.


Photo: Alexandre Takashi


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