Fras-le, Fremax and Controil arrived at Fenatran 2019

Synergy between group companies results in innovative development, capable of extending product durability by up to 35%.


Fras-le arrives at Fenatran 2019 with a novelty that is the result of the research and development synergy between the Randon Companies' different business units, their goal was to relieve one of the most complicated customer headaches: operation costs.


The launch is an innovative solution that combines the brake linings manufactured by Fras-le and the brake drums produced by Suspensys/WE Castertech - forming the so-called tribological pair. The combination exponentially increases the service life of brake system components. Compared to current models, the savings for both the freight and passenger road carriers may reach 35%.
“The Randon Companies is thus passing along a competitive advantage to the customer, by utilizing two items that are already in production at their units, with the world-class expertise of the two brands and the entire state-of-the-art structure of the Randon Technological Center (CTR)”, explains the director of Suspensys WE/Castertech, Esdânio Pereira.


The advantage begins through the sharing of excellence to multiply the technology between two companies that do not compete with each other. When the Suspensys/WE Castertech drum and Fras-le brake pads are used together they provide a longer service life than the individual use of the parts with industry-standard components. This significantly increases the systems operation time and, consequently, the interval between maintenance and replacement of parts. Longer intervals between visits to the workshop means lower costs to the carrier.

At the same time, after 65 years, Fras-le is experiencing one of its most expansive periods. Present in over 120 countries, it has strengthened its internationalization trajectory with its factories in Brazil, China, the United States, India, Uruguay and Argentina. Productively and commercially structured, the Company in 2019 is working with the expectation of reaching gross revenues of BRL 2 billion - with the overseas portion corresponding to USD 215 million.

“Following the same innovation policy that guides investments and executions in all Randon Companies, the Auto Parts division highlights its presence at Fenatran 2019 with some new features that involves companies in projects involving mobility, autonomous cars, electrification, smart materials and connectivity”, says the COO of Randon Companies' Auto Parts Division, Sérgio L. de Carvalho.
There is no lack of novelties. The already broad portfolio has gained new references. The list of novelties presented just in 2019 stands out for its diversification in applications and lines of heavy, light and two-wheeled vehicles, in the Ceramaxx, Lonaflex and Fras-le brands.
Fras-le currently offers linings and pads for heavy duty vehicles, pads, linings and shoes for light vehicles, clutch pads, brake pads and shoes for motorcycles, airplane and helicopter landing gear pads, train and subway pads and shoes, molded and braided linings and universal plates as well as products for hydraulic brake systems such as master, wheel and clutch cylinders.


The brand differentiator is the fact that the products developed with high technology and which are tested under the most rigorous conditions to be able to offer the maximum safety and performance on the Stock Car, Stock Car Light and Mercedes-Benz Challenge race tracks are exactly the same products that are available to customers at all Fras-le dealers and distributors.

The Fremax brand also offers excellence

Under the control of Fras-le since 2018, Fremax, has been manufacturing auto parts renowned for their quality and safety in the world's most demanding markets for more than 30 years. The company researches, develops and manufactures its products for passenger cars, SUVs and light commercial vehicles in Joinville (SC). The future points to new investments in wheel hubs: a line to be developed in what is already the most updated portfolio in the market today, with approximately 400 part numbers.
In addition to its production unit in Brazil, the company has distribution centers located in Argentina and the Netherlands, ensuring efficiency and agility in deliveries on all continents. Synonymous with safety, quality and performance under extreme conditions, Fremax provides the official and exclusive brake discs for the Stock Car Brazil, Porsche GT3 Cup Brazil, the MercedesBenz Challenge as well as the Sprint Race and Old Stock race categories. These are the main categories in South American motorsport - one of the most traditional and competitive in the world.
The brand's products in the brake disc and brake drum lines are also approved by some of the biggest automaker brands. In addition, the brand’s brake discs are the only ones in Brazil with their efficiency and durability attested to by the European market, holding one of the most rigorous and coveted certifications in the market, the ECE R90 II.
Controil invests in a new automated master cylinder production line

In 2019, Controil presents a new line of cylinders, as well as showing off its line of components for brake systems and polymer parts. Headquartered in São Leopoldo (RS), the company develops and produces components for hydraulic brake systems, clutches and servo brakes as well as a range of other repairs. Through its modern laboratories, Controil is also dedicated to
developing the best solutions in polymers, used in the assembly of light and heavy vehicles, employing a wide range of rubbers, such as SBR, NBR, EPDM, silicone, fluorosilicone, fluoroelastomer and natural, among others.
Later this year, the company will investment around BRL 3.5 million in a new fully automated master cylinder production line. This will increase capacity, diversify and add technology to processes and ensure product availability and quality. Since the middle of the year, a new line of aluminum wheel cylinders called the Aluminum Line has been available, as well as new master cylinders for vehicles equipped with the ABS system.


Among the leaders in the hydraulic brake component replacement market, Controil also has a strong presence in the production of elastomeric parts. It products are sold in the Brazilian market as well as in 20 other countries.


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