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More than 65 years of tradition reflected in quality

Since the start of its trajectory, in 1954, Fras-le has been marked by its bold thinking and acting ahead of its own time, always prioritizing technological developments. Fras-le takes pride in offering products that are in constant evolution so as to meet the needs of the global market for more than 60 years.



With plants in Brazil, United States, Argentina, Uruguay, India and China, and with more than 14,000 references, Fras-le pursues, in technology, excellence and safety for its products. Aligned with its business segment, Fras-le is part of the Randoncorp, that offer solutions for products and services for the automotive segment.


Safety and innovation in motion control

Revision: 02/2021


Provide safety and comfort in the transportation of people and goods that keep our life in motion

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Being recognized for sustainable solutions in mobility, exceeding R$4.5 billion in revenue by 2025

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Connecting people and riches to generate prosperity.

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Value and respect PEOPLE;

Competitive TECHNOLOGY;

ETHICS, a matter of integrity and reliability;

IMAGE, an asset to preserve;

PROFIT with SUSTAINABILITY, a means of perpetuation;

QUALITY and SAFETY, everybody's commitment;

Satisfied CUSTOMER;

We are all RANDONCORP.

Revision: 01/2023

For the Randoncorp, people of integrity are valued above any other priority, in which no emergency situation, production or financial result can compromise the health and safety of our people. Our strategic fundamentals are supported by the following guidelines:

Provide a safe, healthy environment, with a commitment to eliminate hazards and reduce risks: The company is responsible for the health and safety of everyone acting on its behalf. The leadership is primarily responsible for the integrity of all the people who work, promoting all the necessary efforts to preserve their health and safety, preventing injuries and illnesses. Everyone has a responsibility to look after their own safety and health, as well as that of their colleagues.

Take care to protect the environment and prevent pollution: The company is responsible for preserving the environment, the leadership and each employee also have a responsibility to take care of the environment, protectingit and preventing pollution.

Guarantee quality and safety of products and services throughout the value chain: Provide products and services with quality and safety in their application, delivering value to the customer.

Ensure the Organization's competence to meet the applicable legislation, standards and other requirements, in an impartial and responsible manner: Ensure compliance with legal requirements, standards and other applicable requirements, ensuring the safety and health of people, sustainable development, productivity and efficiency of processes.

Promote the development of people and manage resources to ensure business competitiveness: Empower and involve workers, stimulating their self-development, growth and participation to meet the applicable requirements, standards and procedures. Use of resources efficiently, seeking to optimize productivity, quality and delivery

Stimulate the culture of innovation for the organization's sustainability: Seeking gains from technological updating through competitive technologies and encouraging a culture of innovation, aiming at the efficiency of processes, products and services, with quality and productivity, providing people with a safe, healthy and sustainable environment.

Encourage continuous improvement of the management system, involving stakeholders: Continuously improve the management system and its performance in relation to health and safety,maintaining a commitment to consultation and participation of workers, the protection of the environment, prevention of pollution, the effectiveness of processes and customer satisfaction with the quality of the products and services, seeking growing and lasting results and the organization's sustainability.

*Review 01/2020

UNITSFras-le Units

With plants in Brazil, United States, India and China, distribution centers in Argentina, Colombia, Europe, and commercial operations in the United States, Chile, Germany, and Mexico. It produces car parts and friction materials, such as linings and pads for heavy duty vehicles, pads, linings, and shoes for light vehicles, clutch facings, pads, and shoes for motorcycles, pads for aircrafts, pads and shoes for trains and subways, molded and braided linings, and universal plates.

For over 30 years, Fremax produces premium auto parts known for their quality and safety by the most rigorous automotive brands, highlighting the lines of wheel hubs, brake disks and drums. The unity consists in a company of over 25,000 m² located in Joinville-SC, Brazil, and has distribution centers located in strategic positions over Argentina and the Netherlands. Fremax assumes the responsibility for a quick delivery to all continents with great efficiency.

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Armetal develops and markets autoparts for several internationally recognized brands, such as fluids and parts for breakers, engines, suspensions, and transmissions in the segment of heavy and light vehicles, among others. The unit is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and has the commitment in technical assistance and advisory by a huge team of professionals.

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Funded in 1999, Farloc reaches all argentinian territory nowadays. It produces brake fluids, coolants, anti freezing and anticorrosives. Its products are highlighted by its high quality and safety. The unit is located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and it is a joint venture between Armetal and Federal Mogul (acquired in 2018 by the american Tenneco).

Fanacif SA is part of the Armetal and Farloc's group, acting in uruguayan market for over 60 years. The unity is focused on the production, selling and exporting of friction materials, mostly brake linings and pads. The plant is located in Montevideo, in Uruguay.

ASK Fras-le Friction is a joint venture between Fras-le S/A and ASK Automotive (P) Ltd. It's located in Manesar, India, and the unity works to supply the market of Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, besides the possibility of exporting for more than 100 other countries through Fras-le's global web. The unity produces brake linings and pads for commercial vehicles.

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Fras-le acquired Controil in 2011. The company of Controil is located in São Leopoldo-RS, and it produces components for hydraulic breakers, radiator fluids, brake servos and master and wheel cylinders. With over 60 years and its own technology, Controil also specialized in the production of polymers for the automotive market, highlighting the lines of air filter hoses and sealing rings, items in which Controil is the original manufacturer for many automakers.

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On February 22nd, under the brand Fran-le, the company called Indústria Francisco Stedile & Cia. is founded.








Decade of 1960
1960 - 1969

Participating in the 1st Salão do Automóvel in São Paulo. In 1961, the company changes its name to the official one, Fras-le. By the end of the decade, the company makes its first export sale of brake linings to Paraguay.









Decade of 1970
1970 - 1979

In 1974, it opens its Research & Development Center, the first in Brazil in the area of friction materials. Currently, it is one of the best equipped centers in the world. In 1975, the company establishes its position in the foreign market by selling products to countries such as Uruguay, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama and United States. And in 1978, the company initiates studies to replace asbestos in friction materials.




Decade of 1980
1980 - 1989

The company acquires the controlling interest of Lonaflex S.A. and starts its first exports to the European market. Between 1986 and 1988, Fras-le receives the prizes Prêmio de Exportação (Export Award) and Maiores e Melhores do Brasil (Best and Biggest of Brazil). In 1989, the company signs a technological agreement with Abex Corporation and starts its manufacturing of products for North-American, European and Japanese vehicles. Also in 1989, it opens a new industrial plant in Caxias do Sul (RS, Brazil), where the headquarters of the company are currently located.


Decade of 1990
1990 - 1999

The company establishes Fras-le North America Inc., in the United States, and Fras-le Argentina, in San Martin. In 1994, the company achieves important certifications, such as ISO 9001, QS 9000, and ISO 14001. By the end of the decade, it becomes of the Randoncorp.










Decade of 2000
2000 - 2009

The company reaches the greatest achievement of the decade, selling 100% of its products asbestos free. The company becomes a sponsor of the Formula Truck. In 2003, it also implements the Florescer Program. In 2006, it is recognized as one of the “Best Companies to Work For in Brazil”. By the end of the decade, the company opens an industrial plant in China.



Decade of 2010
2010 - 2018

In 2012, Fras-le acquires the company Controil. In 2016, it becomes the official supplier of brake pads to StockCar. By the end of the decade, it acquires Fremax, a global company recognized by the manufacturing and selling of discs, brake drums and wheel hubs.








Present Days

The history of Fras-le is pointed by much work and optimism. The company keeps people's safety, investing even more in excellence of its products and services.








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The Randoncorp conglomerate began in 1949 and currently produces one of the widest product portfolios in the duty vehicle segment, correlated to the transportation of cargo - highway, railway, or off-road, among similar companies in the world.


Today, Randoncorp is a global benchmark brand with world class strategic partners. It is among the largest private companies in Brazil with a leading position is all of its market segments. It exports to every continent and is part of the Level 1 Corporate Governance of Bovespa.


The Randoncorp are among the largest Brazilian private companies, besides among the world’s largest manufacturer of the vehicles sector. All companies work under the philosophy that we must work with partnership, dedication, creativity, competence and spirit of a single organization.

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An organizational environment with ethics and honesty

Fras-le, a Randon Company, is concerned with the development of an ethic organizational environment so that everyone can perform his activity guided by the honesty, transparency, integrity and seriousness, and, therefore, restates is commitment with the society as a whole.

Randon Companies Integrity Program (ID Randon) represents the continuity in the evolution process of company governance, strengthening our values and principles for the coming challenges.


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