Fras-le at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show

Fras-le North America shows brake pads and discs at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show in Atlanta.


Present in the largest consumer market in the world since 2008, Fras-le North America will be at NACV - North American Commercial Vehicle Show, taking place on October 28 to 31 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta (USA). It is a business event that brings together the world's leading manufacturers of trucks, trailers and suppliers of commercial vehicle parts and components, totaling 500 exhibitors and 15,000 industry professionals.

In its stand, the company will showcase the recently launched GRN Tech air brake pad, which anticipates US legislation restricting the use of copper and other heavy materials starting in 2025. GRN Tech, in addition to being environmentally friendly, provides high braking power and excellent brake pad and disc durability results. Currently, the material is running in various fleets and different regions within the United States, undergoing different applications. The latest results are extremely positive, meeting the highest requirements and standards of OEM customers.

“It is a unique product, an environmentally friendly and technologically advanced solution to exceed the highest performance expectations”, says the president of Fras-le and COO of Randon Companies' Auto Parts Division, Sérgio Carvalho, noting that thanks to the innovation stance, the company recently received the “Industry of the Year - 2019” recognition from the Prattville, Alabama Chamber of Commerce, where it owns a hydraulic and air pads plant.

In addition to the well-known drum brake linings, Fras-le North America will also display two hydraulic pads at NACV. Developed for school busses, ambulance and truck applications, the copper-free Extreme Service hydraulic brake pads ensure increased durability and braking efficiency under severe conditions, demonstrating excellent performance at high temperatures. Equally copper-free, the Magnum Pro pads were designed to assure greater durability of the disc and pad brakes in medium-sized commercial vehicles. Amongst other attributes, show high level of comfort with reduced noise and vibration. Another highlight at the event will be the hydraulic brake disc line for medium-sized commercial applications, a product that is being launched in the North American market arising from the recent acquisition of Fremax.

Fras-le pads and linings are available as original parts and aftermarket parts in the United States and in over 100 countries. Manufactured from high quality asbestos-free raw materials, the products consist of formulas specific to each application in commercial vehicles, trucks, tractors, trailers, buses, dump trucks, light vehicles and other specialized vehicles and equipment.


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