Privacy Policy


Fras-le's privacy policy is base on the principles of its commitment with transparency and respect among its relationship with its clients, sellers, partners and visitors. 

Fras-le works constantly to keep the privacy of its data info. We understand that the internet popularization and online services raise questions about the source and confidenciality of colected information about its clients and visitors. That's why we want to clarify some points of your interest, reaffirming our commitment to privacy.

2. Data Collection

Usually, you can visit our website without having to send us any kind of data. However, Fras-le can eventually collect information when you fill out a registration form, for example, or when you answer a quizz and send us any kind of personal data.

Fras-le can also work with 'cookies' (your computer's data archive) or other similar technologies to gain information about your visit to our website. However, though these 'cookies' help us improve the visitor's experience on our website, there is an option on your browser where you can block those kind of tools.

3. Third-parties relationship

Fras-le privacy policy is relevant for its website, hotsites and apps and it is not suittable to any other website its associated or anyhow related through links and other types of acccess and divulgation.

When hiring other organizations for support services, Fras-le demands that these organizations follow the same steps for privacy, confidenciality and security, which is secured by its privacy policy. Fras-le will not sell or rent any personal data to any third-party.

4. Rights

All texts, images, videos, sounds and / or apps exhibited on Fras-le's site, hotsites an apps are protected by copyright. Modifications, reproductions, storage, transmissions, copies, distributions or any other kind of use for commercial purposes are not allowed without Fras-le formal and prior consent.

Invasion attempts on Fras-le's website or any other systems related to the company will be treated as damage, theft or any kind of legal felony typification, or which corresponds to the invansion consequences seen on the brazilian criminal code.

5. Access Passwords

When the user receives a login or access password to any of the website's function, they will only have access to their own information. The password is fundamental to their data protection.

The protection of their login and password is fully their responsibility so that their data is not accessed by non-authorized people.

6. Changes on Privacy Policy

Fras-le can change its privacy policy without any previous warning. That's the reason why we recommend to verify our policy regularly.


7. Contact

For any questions about this Privacy Policy, we will have great pleasure in answering your doubts and comments. Please contact us through