Fras-le invests in internal autonomous transport of products

Installation of AGV's allows movement of parts between lines with more safety and efficiency


Advancing the actions for a more connected and intelligent production process, Fras-le, one of the Randon Companies, a global leader in friction materials and components for brake systems, is investing in the application of a new autonomous product transport system in its manufacturing units. The company inaugurated the new robotic area of the headquarters, located in Caxias do Sul (RS), with the operation of four autonomous vehicles, also known as AGV's (acronym for Automatic Guided Vehicle). Applied to the internal transit of parts between the manufacturing and processing lines of friction products, the equipment allows a safer and more efficient movement of components, reducing risks for the professionals involved and increasing productivity.


"With this initiative, we have consolidated our continuous journey of modernization of processes, investing more and more in intelligent and connected systems, with automation and robotization. The characteristics of the manufacturing process of our products require that the investments are even longer lasting, ensuring the production of parts with high quality and safety", highlights the Director of Friction Business of Fras-le, Anderson Pontalti.


The installation project of this first set of AGV's was developed over the last year and was completed in May 2021, with an investment of about R$ 3 million. In the last four years, Fras-le has incorporated more than 15 robotic processes in various areas of its manufacturing units.

Photo: André Carlos  dos Santos Júnior


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