Fras-le presents product portfolio at Automechanika Buenos Aires 2022

Company offers visitors of the fair platform of complete solutions for brakes and suspension, with brand exposure, business relationship and virtual reality experience


One of the world's largest manufacturers of friction material and motion control solutions, Fras-le will be present at this year's Automechanika Buenos Aires, Argentina, from October 11 to 14. With differentiated experiences for customer relations, Fras-le presents the complete portfolio of solutions for brakes and suspension systems, reinforcing positioning as a global supplier of components for the aftermarket and for light and commercial vehicle manufacturers.

The company will bring products for light and heavy lines and to Fras-le's motorcycle line to the public, to the light line of the Fremax and Controil brands and the light and heavy lines of Nakata. In the same space, local product brands that are part of the company's portfolio, such as Plasbestos, Durbloc, Tensa, Power Engine and Armetal, will also be featured.

Among the main novelties on display, Fremax presents two braking solutions. One of them is the Safety Check innovation, technology that indicates wear and the correct moment of disc replacement. By means of a recording printed in the braking area, you can identify the need to change the part: when the marking disappears, the disc needs to be replaced immediately. This feature will be available for some car models. In addition, all items of brake discs marketed by the brand in Argentina, aimed at applications in electric vehicles, will be highlighted.

Visitors to the Fras-le booth will be able to have the experience of immersion of sound and image 360 degrees, and have access to the suspension system and brakes of the vehicle, especially ceramaxx tablets, with low noise index. The participant can move within the image, with virtual reality experience where you can also feel the excitement of the race cars of the TOP Race category, one of the main categories of motorsport in Argentina, which has Fras-le and Fremax as official suppliers for inserts and discs.

"In addition to strengthening our relationship with the market, with the presentation of our complete portfolio, we want visitors to be able to realize all investment in innovation, technology and high quality that we apply in our products", reinforces fras-le's Director of Light Line and Latin America Business, Guilherme Adami.

Fras-le is present in Argentina through its own factory and distribution center, in addition to the operations of Farloc and Armetal companies, controlled by the company since 2018, working in the production of fluids and coolants for vehicles, in addition to the wide distribution of auto parts with brands recognized by the local market. The company's booth at Automechanika Buenos Aires is 3H-10 and visitor service takes place from Tuesday to Friday from 1pm to 8pm.


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