Fras-le speeds up its internationalization process

Fras-le speeds up its internationalization process by acquiring companies in Argentina and Uruguay.


Fras-le makes another move to become increasingly international and, In line with its growth international, it formalizes the acquisition of companies. Fras-le has just signed agreements for the acquisition of three auto parts companies, two of which are located in Argentina: the Armetal Autopartes S.A. and Farloc Argentina S.A.C. y F; and one in Uruguay, the Fanacif S.A. The business estimated value is R$ 91 million, which may undergo adjustments until the completion of the business deal.
The acquisitions not only expand the product portfolio of Fras-le, but also strengthen the company worldwide by consolidating its presence, notably in Argentina. In Uruguay, on the other hand, by adding one more company, Fras-le increases its production capacity.
As soon as the acquisition is approved by shareholders at the Extraordinary General Meeting, to be held on November 29, Argentina will become the second largest operation of Fras-le abroad.

Armetal Autoparts S.A. – A companywith years of experience in the auto parts market of Argentina, producing, distributing and selling different brands known internationally. The company, located in Tigre, Buenos Aires Province, develops and markets a wide range of products, including fluids and auto parts for brakes, engines, suspensions and transmissions in the segment of light and heavy vehicles.

Farloc Argentina S.A.C. y F. – Located in General San Martin, Buenos Aires Province, it is a company of the Armetal Group that produces brake fluids, coolants, and antifreeze and anticorrosive additives.

Fanacif S.A. – Also acompany of theArmetal Group, Fanacif has operated in Uruguay for over 50 years. The company is focused on the production, marketing and export of friction products such as brake linings, brake pads for automobiles and molded linings.

Fras-le - For over 60 years in the market, Fras-le is one of the five largest global manufacturers of friction materials. With production plants strategically positioned in Brazil, The United States and China, distribution centers in Argentina, Europe and Colombia and commercial operations in Chile, Mexico, South Africa and The United Arab Emirates in view of the more than 100 countries where it operates. With a portfolio of more than 12 thousand SKU’s, for the aftermarket and OEM with linings and pads for heavy duty vehicles, pads, linings, and shoes for light vehicles, clutch facings, pads, and shoes for motorcycles, pads for aircrafts, pads and shoes for trains and subways, molded and braided linings, and universal plates.



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