Randon Companies official position on Coronavirus

Randon Companies adopts collective vacation


Starting next Monday, March 23rd, Randon Companies will adopt a collective vacation regime for the next 20 days for business units staff installed in Caxias do Sul. The measure covers Randon Implementos, Randon Veículos, Fras-le, Jost, Master, Suspensys and Castertech. In other units of the company, located in other regions, the settings may vary according to the local scenario.


Banco Randon and Randon Consórcios will maintain home office regime, already in force.


Randon Companies understands that the current moment should be focused exclusively on the health of its employees, family members and community with the utmost care and commitment. This measure adds to the series of initiatives that have been taken by the company since January.


The company continues to pay attention to the scenario to act with effective measures at the necessary speed. Additional information will be shared at any change. The company reinforces that there will be shifts at minimum quota for emergency situations.


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