Daniel Randon takes over as President of Randon Companies

Board of Directors confirmed his nomination as President at meeting held this Wednesday (May 8).


At a meeting held this Wednesday (May 8), the Board of Directors (CA) of Randon Companies elected Daniel Randon as the company’s President/CEO, succeeding David Randon, who held the position since 2009, His nomination - made by the controlling shareholder - being therefore confirmed. Up to now, Daniel worked as Empresas Randon’s Administrative Vice-President. Also at that meeting David Randon was chosen to take over as chairperson of the Board, a position occupied up to now by Alexandre Randon, who will now occupy the position of vice-chairperson of the Board. Daniel - one of Raul Randon’s (one of the founders of the business conglomerate) five children - has been at Radon for 20 years, having worked at several areas of the company.

According to Daniel Randon, taking over a new position as the company is celebrating its 70th anniversary is very rewarding. “I take over as President assuming the commitment to preserve our legacy and the results achieved. Our future growth shall be based on the increase of our profitability, the consolidation of new partnerships and the promotion of innovation in all areas of the company. This will be achieved by observing the company’s values, ethical principles and the appreciation of our workforce. We are convinced that this is the path we must follow in order to keep providing smart and sustainable solutions to our clients”, highlights Daniel.

According to David Randon, who succeeded his father in 2009, the way governance is set up at Empresas Randon makes it possible to provide a suitable support for this transition. During the ten years of his administration, David captained ones of the Empresas Randon’s most impressive periods in terms of expansion and globalization, within one of the most challenging scenarios faced in the last few years.


About Daniel Randon - He has a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from UCS (University of Caxias do Sul) and an MBA in Management and Finance from the University of Chicago (USA), taking over as President after occupying several positions in various areas of Randon. Working as vice president up to now, Daniel Randon was responsible for the following areas: HR, Financial Services, Purchasing, IT and CSC (Shared Solutions Center). In his 20 years working at Randon, he was also responsible for the company’s Finance area, as CFO.

During his time at Fras-le, a group company of which he was the President from 2010 to 2014, Daniel led the expansion in international markets, with factory openings in the US and China, as well as the inauguration of a distribution center in Germany, placing the company among the largest global players in the auto parts industry. 

In addition to the activities at the company, Daniel maintains an active institutional schedule. His participation in class entities includes the coordination of the Innovation and Technology Council of FIERGS (Federation of Industries of the State of Rio Grande do Sul), the chairmanship of the Board of Directors of PGQP (Gaúcho Quality and Productivity Program) and participation as a member of the Board of Directors of SINDIPEÇAS.


About Randon Empresas
Randon is a company operating all over the globe, present in over 100 countries and headquartered in Caxias do Sul, state of Rio Grande do Sul. The largest manufacturer of trailers and semi-trailers in Latin America and among the largest in the world, it operates in the segments of auto parts, road and rail equipment and special vehicles, as well as operating in the financial services sector (bank and consortium). Nowadays, it has over 11,000 collaborators within an international distribution network, commercial offices and assembly units.


Photo: Jefferson Bernardes


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