Fras-le expands global operations with acquisition in the UK

The Brazilian company announces on Thursday, February 16, acquisition of the operations of Juratek, a traditional supplier of auto parts


Expanding its global operations as a reference in auto parts for motion control, Fras-le announces on Thursday, February 16, the acquisition of AML Juratek, in the UK. The investment is about 18.2 million pounds, and the completion of the deal is subject to compliance with previous conditions laid down in the contract*. AML Juratek is the controller company of Juratek and BettaParts, which operate in the UK and in the European aftermarket, commercializing braking products such as brake discs, brake pads, calipers and actuators.


"This movement is part of our strategy of expanding the business in the aftermarket sector inserting the Company in mature markets such as the European one, through product diversification and brand expansion in the portfolio", points out Fras-le's managing director, Anderson Pontalti.


In access to the commercialization of auto parts, the company will continue to work in the European market with the Juratek and BettaParts brands, and will receive the reinforcement of the other iconic brands of the Company in the global market such as Fras-le and Fremax expanding business possibilities. In 2022, AML Juratek recorded revenues of approximately 25 million pounds.


"With this strategic action we reaffirm our position as one of the largest portfolios of brands for the auto parts aftermarket, expanding the model that has been working in Brazil for new markets; allowing even more growth, important operational synergies and adding value to our business and quality in delivering solutions to our customers" reinforces the President and CEO of Fras-le, Sérgio L. Carvalho.


The new company acquired will be part of Fras-le's global structure of operations; currently present with industrial units in Brazil, the United States, China, Argentina, Uruguay and India, as well as distribution, technology and development centers and commercial representations to serve customers in more than 120 countries on five continents. In Europe, the Company already operates with a distribution center in the Netherlands and a commercial office in Germany.


* Fras-le communicated to the market on March 1st the conclusion (Closing) of the necessary procedures for the acquisition of the operations of AML Juratek, in the United Kingdom.


In the photo that accompanies the release, there are representatives of the companies, with the Managing Director of AML Juratek, Matthew Robinson (seated on the left), and the managing director of Fras-le, Anderson Pontalti, at the signing of the contract.

Credit: John Hobson Photography.


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