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The guarantee of more safety, quality, competitiveness and reliability to the products developed, with the largest South American Technology Center.

Proving GroundProving Ground

Fras-le counts on the Randon Technological Center (CTR), a proving ground per excellence.

Located 4 km from Fras-le, in Farroupilha, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, the CTR features 20 different tracks, totalizing a length of 15 km, where the most different types of pavement and specific irregularities for tests under the most diverse conditions are reproduced. Thus, the company may assure more safety, quality, competitiveness and reliability to the products developed.

It also features a 2,200 m² building, where there is an workshop for vehicle preparation and a structural lab, equipped with a 94 m² seismic base, electro-hydraulic actuators and workbenches for high performance vibrational tests.

The technological complex counts on a skilled engineering team, pilots and test technicians.

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Hercílio Randon InstituteHercílio Randon Institute

With the purpose of creating an innovation "hub", the Hercílio Randon Institute (IHR) was founded in 2015, which has as goal to generate new products that add benefits to Randoncorp clients and to the society. It is focused on the qualifying relationship and in the collaborative construction.

It is an investment in human capital, that seeks to facilitate the creation of new ventures, counting on the experience of an institution like Fras-le. To the company, the IHR is a focal point to engineers and the scientific and business community.