Fras-le Management SystemFras-le Management System

For Randon Company Autoparts Division, a person's well-being is valued above other priorities of the company, so no situation of emergency, production or performance should endanger the health or safety of people.  We believe that the preservation of the environment and the quality of our products and services are the means to sustain our value. 

Based on our business, mission, vision and principies, the Randon Company have estabilished the following guidelines:

To ensure, continuously, people’s health and safety, as well as environmental protection and pollution prevention;

To assure the compliance with legislation, regulations, and other requirements applicable to the organization;

To assure quality and safety in the application of its products and services in the whole value chain;

To promote people’s development and resource management;

To improve processes and products continuously, ensuring the organization sustainability;

To have competitive and innovative technology;

A Fras-le é certificada de acordo com as Normas da série ISO 9001. Desde 1995, a empresa e sua linha completa de produtos possuem o selo ISO 9001, registrando a qualidade que atende aos mais exigentes mercados mundiais.


Padrão utilizado mundialmente no Sistema de Gestão da Qualidade Automotiva. A obtenção desta certificação demonstra que sua organização segue os requisitos pertinentes.

Quality ProgramsQuality Programs

Since 1999, Fras-le participates in the National Quality Award (PNQ), with the aim of aligning the management model to the Criteria of Excellence, using the Evaluation Reports presented by the PNQ examiners and transforming each opportunity for improvement in a challenge to be beaten.


Gaúcho Quality and Productivity Program focused on the management innovation and quality, which positively influences the productivity of organizations and the quality of life for people.

CCQ - Quality Control Circle

It is a group of people formed based on the initiative of its components, where everyone feels responsible for the final product to be achieved. Thus, the errors are decreased and employees are stimulated.

5S Program

Quality program that aims to improve the workplace and productivity, taking 5 senses as a basis: utilization, organization, cleanliness, welfare and self-discipline.


Practices that relate to continuous improvement of processes within a company, activities that continuously enhance all functions and engage all employees. When activities are improved and processes standardized, Kaizen aims to eliminate waste.